Predicting Unpredictable

Predicting Unpredictable

Stand up comedian Tig Notaro arriving at Reston's CenterStage.


Tig Notaro

Something completely different is on its way to the CenterStage

at the Reston Community Center. Opening the 2013-14 Reston

Professional Touring Artist series is the cutting edge stand-up

comedy of Tig Notaro. Notaro has toured throughout the United

States with her own unique style and outlook. She has appeared on

Conan O'Brien, NPR's "This American Life" and "Wait, Wait, Don't

Tell Me, as well as "Comedy Central Presents," to name just a few.

Stand-up comedy is new to the CenterStage. Paul Douglas

Michnewicz, Reston Community Center arts and events director,

said, "because of its intimacy with the audience, the CenterStage is

an excellent venue for comedy. There is an immediate connection

between the artist and the patron. I think comedy will be an excellent

addition to our annual line up of great performances at the Reston

Community Center."

Notaro has a distinctive manner as she comments about the world

around her and her own life. She has a singular sense of "timing

and wry wit," said Michnewicz. "I can definitely predict that it will

be unpredictable. ... The set that catapulted her to stardom was

called 'Live' and it was in response to her then-recent diagnosis with

breast cancer. Louis CK was in the audience and said it was the best

set he had ever seen."