Letter: Meet Pixie

Letter: Meet Pixie

A Great falls pony that taught lots of children to ride.


Pixie pictured with Dust Off, a show pony in his own right.

My pony, Pixie, has been with me since I bought her from a farm on Georgetown Pike 16 years ago. She is a cheerful mount, taking me hunting, and walking in the Great Falls July 4th Parades, but more importantly, she has taught lots of kids to ride over the years, including two of my sons, and countless girls at the Madeira summer camps. She has had five wonderful foals, two fillies and three colts. She is shown here with Dust Off, now a show pony in his own right. I have seen her patiently leading her new foal to the stream, and going back and forth through it, until the foal has the courage to follow. Now an elderly lady, at 19, she still rises to the occasion, and steps out with joy.