At Home in Burke

At Home in Burke


Don and Anne Wood pictured with Fritz outside their Burke home.

At age 7, Fritz is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. After being picked up as a rescue dog at a Petsmart in Oklahoma, Anne Wood drove 700 miles to bring Fritz back home to Burke with her. “She stayed on my lap the entire time and did not move a muscle,” said Wood. “I think on some level she realizes that we saved her.” Wood had lived in the Burke area for a year at the time, and Fritz quickly adapted to the “homebody” lifestyle. “Although she can get a little hyper, she’s very well-mannered,” said Wood. “She enjoys moving my shoes around the house.” Unlike most dogs, Fritz prefers to reorganize her owners closet as opposed to chewing down on Wood’s leather. “It’s so funny because she won’t chew on the shoes at all,” said Wood. “She just has a habit of cleaning up after me!”