Color on the Walls, Indoor and Out

Color on the Walls, Indoor and Out

Artists Jim Schlett, Jo Fleming, Lori Simmerman Goll and Christine Lashley.

Artists Jim Schlett, Jo Fleming, Lori Simmerman Goll and Christine Lashley. Kristen Callahan

ArtSpace Herndon recently drew 160 patrons into its galleries with the "It's a Matter of Color" exhibit artists reception and the Art in the Windows dedication of public art on the outdoor walls of the building.


The "It's a Matter of Color" exhibit artist's reception drew 85 guests to the Post and Sapphire galleries.

On June 15, more than 85 people filled the Post and Sapphire galleries for Catherine Hillis’ and Jill Poyerd's "It's A Matter of Color" exhibit reception. Hillis demonstrated painting with watercolors and Poyerd gave an informative talk about how color influences mood and feeling when painting. Tien, a Brazilian jazz singer-songwriter and guitarist, performed throughout the reception with folk, soul and Brazilian style music.

On Saturday, June 8, over 75 patrons, including local artists, elected officials, the project's Advisory Committee and local press, joined in the dedication ceremony of the community outdoor public art project “Art in the Windows.” Dedicated were the fine art images of four artists, Jo Fleming, Lori Simmerman Goll, Christine Lashley and Jim Schlett, whose work is now displayed in four exterior window wells of ArtSpace Herndon's building.


Visitors had the opportunity to view watercolor paintings of the adult students of Catherine Hillis' watercolor classes that were exhibited in the Sapphire Gallery.

Following the dedication were evening festivities sprawling between an outdoor tent adorned with balloons and flowering plants, and an indoor reception with food and drink.

The artists each gave a brief description and background information about their images. The fine art panels, each 90"W x 50"H, which are highly visible from various points in town and the W&OD Trail, are installed on the back of the building.

Jim Schlett, one of the four artists whose images were selected for the public art project, captured great action shots during the installation process on June 4. Two of his photos, "Final Touches at Installation," and "Viewing the Installation," were selected and are on display in the current exhibit, Herndon Town Calendar Competition 2014.