Letter: We Need A Real Leader in Virginia

Letter: We Need A Real Leader in Virginia

To the Editor:

According to a Feb. 25 article in “Politico,” two prominent Republican CEOs lambasted GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli at the Feb. 22 meeting of the Republican Governors Association, saying his hard core socially conservative policies will make Virginia less attractive for business, and he is out of the Virginia mainstream. It is good to finally see leading members of the Republican Party speaking up for the betterment of our state.

To date, Mr. Cuccinelli has not exhibited the same kind of moderation as his would-be predecessor Gov. McDonnell. As case in point, he has been quite vocal in his disdain for the transportation bill recently passed under the stewardship of McDonnell, who of course is a Republican as well. The bill is primarily based on new taxes and cuts, and was passed on a bipartisan basis. As alluded to in the article, this seems to be the breaking point amongst even establishment Republicans, such as these CEOs.

Instead of focusing on tangible issues such as roads, education and transportation, he has focused his attention on socially partisan issues such as limiting women’s contraceptive rights. Perhaps now that leading

figures of Cuccinelli’s own party have reprimanded him for deterring new business from coming to Virginia due to his socially extremist witch hunts, the voters of this commonwealth will move on to the business of determining a serious leader with real solutions.

RJ Narang