Insiders’ Tips: What are some of the best things about living here?

Insiders’ Tips: What are some of the best things about living here?

Interviews conducted on Friday, Aug. 16 at The Virginian senior living community along Route 50 in Fairfax.


Gladys Hane

“Since I lived by Wolf Trap, years ago, they used to have fireworks on July 4th. Living here in the Virginian, it’s convenient to stores and shopping centers. There are many activities at The Virginian—it’s your choice. Every day there’s something going on—exercise, Bingo, Bridge, card games and entertainment at night.”

—Gladys Hane, 77, who lived in Vienna 44 years and worked as a preschool teacher at St. Paul’s Lutheran in Falls Church.


Frank Reynolds

“I have a great sense of security and well being here in The Virginian. It’s a great area, being next to the district, with its monuments and variety of museums. In general, it’s a wonderful place to live. I thoroughly enjoyed going out to Redskins Park and have had season tickets for the Redskins since 1992.”

—Frank Reynolds, 83, who worked for the CIA and U.S. Air Force Reserve; originally from Louisiana and moved to Arlington in 1956.


Tuck Wilson

“The thing I really like is you have a lot of parks and walking trails. One of the best things is I don’t have to cook; they’ve spoiled me rotten. There are lots of activities and trips to The Kennedy Center, to the shopping centers. I’ve gone over to tell stories to the students in the preschool next door.”

—Tuck Wilson, 91, an Air Force wife married to an airline pilot, originally from Georgia.


Jane Howard

“It’s a taste of people from all walks of life and nationalities. I’m busy all the time. I’m chairman of the Health Care Committee [at the Virginian] and work as a liaison between nurses and patients. I love the greenery, the beautiful trees. I did ballroom dancing for 45 years.

—Jane Howard, 86, a military wife originally from El Paso, Texas, with four children.


Ocie Aston

“It’s a nice place to live. People here are exceptionally nice. Every day I walk five miles a day—with five walks a day. If you don’t exercise, you won’t live long. Those muscles have to be used.”

—Ocie Aston, 91, originally from Suffolk, Va., married for 65 years, and owned a fire alarm business.