Letter: Streetlight Outages

Letter: Streetlight Outages

— Dominion Virginia Power has a convenient way to report streetlight outages and track the progress of repair: just call Dominion customer service center at 1-866-366-4357, wait 10 minutes or more for a person. You will need the street address of the nearest house or building and the streetlight's 9-digit utility pole number found on a metal plate on the pole. After you give the info, you wait on the phone so the person can look on a map for the streetlight and give you a work request number.

I hope Dominion Power will go back to checking their own street lights not asking the citizens to do it for them. Very few lights get called into Dominion Power.

The citizens of the city of Alexandria deserve the key benefits of streetlights which enhance crime deterrence and vehicular and pedestrian traffic safety. Sad that the governor, state senator, state delegate, city of Alexandria and news media will not or can not make Dominion Power repair or replace their own equipment. Why Is it so hard to make a company do its job?

I hope these problems can be resolved quickly.

Ronald Gochenour