Florally Clueless, but Want to Send Flowers?

Florally Clueless, but Want to Send Flowers?

Let professional florists help make your thought count this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. (Yes, it is. The big day for Mom is Sunday, May 11. Mark your calendar now.)

What are you planning to give? If it’s flowers, you are on the right track. Women love receiving flowers, and flowers are still the most popular gift choice for Mother’s Day. According to the Society of American Florists, Mother's Day accounts for one-fourth of the floral purchases made for holidays. About 75 percent of you bought flowers or plants as gifts for Mother's Day 2013.

But choosing flowers can be a bit risky if you’re of the florally clueless variety.

How can you tell?

If you’re thinking “I can just pick up one of those grocery store bouquets because, really, it’s the thought that counts,” consider yourself florally clueless. No one really wants to hear their mom sigh: “Oh well, it’s the thought that counts,” when she receives your bouquet of red roses. (Red roses are for girlfriends and wives, not for moms.) You want mom to love her flowers, and not just because you thought of it.

So pay attention, and you can avoid some common pitfalls of flower-giving.

THIS YEAR, the Society of American Florists asked some of the country's top florists and floral designers to describe what's in style for flowers this Mother’s Day - from popular flowers and color combinations to trendy flower design styles and flower delivery advice.

Here is a compilation of their Mother’s Day flower trends and ordering tips.

*Choose A Budget And One Color:

Set your budget, make sure it’s realistic, and think of a color you'd like to use. Give the florist those two things to work with, and then allow the florist to make suggestions. Trust the experts. They want the flowers to look good, too. “Florists don’t want complaints; they want everyone to love their work,” said Bryan Swann, creative director of Karin’s Florist in Vienna.

*Surprise Mom

Women love to get flowers at work. Not only will you be the hero to her, but to her co-workers as well. Send flowers to arrive the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday before Mother’s Day. Mom will enjoy her flowers at work and then bring them home to enjoy over the weekend.

If your Mom does not work outside the home, surprise her by sending flowers to her at home on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday before Mother’s Day.

“Having flowers delivered early gives Mom a head start sharing pictures on Facebook and making you look like a superhero to her friends,” said Maris Angolia, president and CEO of Karin’s Florist. “Also, delivering early allows her to enjoy her flowers longer.”

*Find Out Where Mom Puts Her Flowers:

This is something florists want to know. Don’t send a vase that is 30 inches tall if she is going to put it on her nightstand or a coffee table.

*Take Advantage Of What's In Season and On Trend:

Peonies and hydrangeas are hot right now, and can be found in whites and many different shades of pink, from blushes to magentas. Monochromatic arrangements are also trendy, with a bouquet of flowers in the same color family.

“There is an amazing selection of flowers during Mother’s Day,” Angolia said. “Let your professional florist know mom’s general likes and dislikes, and allow the talented design teams to create something special using the freshest flowers available.”

*Carnations Aren't So Bad

If you were a fan of Sex and the City, forget what Charlotte York said about carnations and any man who would dare give them. "Everyone hates carnations, which is such a shame because they can look amazing grouped together in one color,” said Swann.

NOT CONVINCED? The Wall Street Journal noted that both Shakespeare and da Vinci were down with carnations, and they were even dubbed officially back in style among forward thinking flower-tastemakers in 2012. Unwrinkle your nose now.

*50 Shades of Pink

Pink is still a hot color for Mother’s Day flowers, but think in terms of all shades of pink, bold and vibrant, as well as soft and feminine to wow mom. The American Society of Florists put together a list of popular color combinations that work well for Mother’s Day:

*Blush pink, antique ivory and cream tones

*Hot pink and berry tones combined with shades of red

*Hot pink and orange

*Citron and purple

*Shades of orange hues - tangerine to peach

*Purple and lime green and magenta

*Pink, coral and turquoise together

*Celebrate all Moms

Show your admiration and love to all the mothers in your life — your mom, wife, mother-in-law, other relatives and friends — this Mother’s Day. For many of us, an aunt, a godmother, in-law or even a family friend has been a mom to us. Return the love with a gift of flowers saying, "Thank you for the impact you've made on my life.”