A Prime Location

A Prime Location

Popular businesses drive customers to gift shop.


The Picket Fence owner Billie Thomas believes that the store’s proximity to popular and often-frequented stores and services at the Burke Town Center fuels business.

Is it at the town center or the shopping center? Burke residents know.

The Picket Fence is at the Burke Town Center, next to a newly-opened Sweet Frog, a Giant grocery store, a BB&T bank, a dry cleaner and a Starbucks. Owner Billie Thomas believes that The Picket Fence is situated in a prime location.

“The variety of stores brings customers in,” she said.

Celeste McLane, of Burke has been to the store a couple of times. Today, she is looking for a gift for the babysitter.

Thomas said that customers want to find unique things. A lot of their products are U.S. made and come from small business retailers.

“People come during their lunch breaks and they need a gift” and when they find it the store wraps it up for them for free, she said.

Thomas co-owns the store with her daughter Courtney Thomas. She has always worked at a store. She worked at Temptations Gifts, a card and gift store in Burke that has since closed. And, her parents owned a store when she was growing up.

“We’re a family-owned, small business” in Burke, she said. The Picket Fence is located at 6025-D Burke Centre Parkway.