Not The Typical Guard Dog

Not The Typical Guard Dog

Buffy, a Lhasa Apso and Miniature Poodle mixed dog, has been a McLean resident for over 13 years.


Kimball “Stu” Stuhlmuller, a long-time McLean homeowner, holds his dog Buffy, a name derived from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In many cases, dogs are supposed to be great companions for their owners, which occasionally means holding down the fort when master is away, or being a guard dog. Guard dogs exemplify the meaning of “Man’s Best Friend,” providing protection by warding off thieves or other intruders with their menacing looks and overpowering strength. On the outside, Buffy, a teenaged mix of Lhasa Apso and Miniature Poodle, looks more like a cute, charming pooch than a guard dog.

Kimball “Stu” Stuhlmuller has been living in McLean since 1997, and has had Buffy for 13 of those years. “The Lhasa Apso portion of their breeding is a guard dog for Tibetan monasteries and temples,” Stuhlmuller explains. “So she sits in the window and guards our little temple.”

Apart from being a useful protector of the Stuhlmuller residence, Stuhlmuler also describes how Buffy is a great companion for him and his wife Debra. They take Buffy with them on all family vacations.

On one side, Buffy is cute and friendly to people she deems non-threatening (which is most everyone), but when she detects danger, she will stand her ground immediately and protect her house.