Letter: Government In Bedrooms

Letter: Government In Bedrooms

To the Editor:

For a moment there, when I read that Delegate Barbara Comstock “spearheaded the effort to ... end birth control politics by making birth control pills available over the counter,” [“Foust, Comstock Battle Women's Issues,” Connection, July 16, 2014] I was impressed. Maybe she really did want to help wives and husbands plan their families. Maybe she realized her vote for the Personhood Amendment, which would give politicians the power to decide which forms of birth control women are allowed to use, was unnecessary government interference in our bedrooms. But no, turns out that the “effort” she “spearheaded” amounted to a letter to Kathleen Sibelius, then Director of the Department of Health and Human Services. She was not working to help Virginia families at all. Instead, we need Supervisor John Foust to represent us in Congress, a public servant who listens to his constituents and fights for their causes.

Linda Burchfiel