McLean HS Crew Team Mulch Madness

McLean HS Crew Team Mulch Madness

The 2014 team of rowers and coxswains from McLean High moved 16,000 bags of mulch over a two day period and still managed to finish several hours early. They did this with just under 70 Crew roster members, parents, siblings, friends and faithful alumnae. The event could not be hold without the parents who loaded, drove, chased and cleaned the trucks, prepared food, handled the organizational tasks and sat security detail with the mulch, trucks, and equipment overnight.

All were treated to food creations from new food tent captains who put on a show for hungry rowers and parents! They prepared grilled chicken, smoked chicken and pork barbecue in addition to the more traditional hamburgers and hot dogs. Side dishes included a super pasta salad, grilled vegetables and other healthful options.

None of this would be possible without the support from friends, neighbors, and community, who purchased mulch from dedicated rower's sales efforts. The McLean Crew Team does not receive any financial support from Fairfax County or from McLean High School.

And now, on to regatta season which gets underway this coming weekend.