Cook to Host Neighborhood College

Cook to Host Neighborhood College

Beginning in May, Supervisor John Cook (R- Braddock) will be hosting a new Neighborhood College program. This program is a civic engagement program open to residents interested in learning about Fairfax County and how to work with neighbors, community organizations and local government. The Department of Neighborhood and Community Services will be supporting this program presentation.

Neighborhood College will feature a combination of lectures and group discussions and cover topics including Fairfax County Government and how it works, demographic profiles and trends in a community context, and how to work effectively within diverse neighborhoods and communities.

“I am a Neighborhood College graduate and know personally the tremendous value this program can bring to the community,” said Supervisor Cook. “It has been several years since the last Braddock District Neighborhood College and it is time to train the next set of community leaders and volunteers.”

Participants can use the knowledge they gain through the programs to strengthen neighborhoods, build citizen engagement, and promote a strong sense of community. Supervisor Cook recommends this program as an excellent leadership training opportunity for residents who serve as officers on their homeowner or civic association boards, or who just want to learn more about how the County works.

Neighborhood College classes will meet at the Pinn Community Center on Thursday nights from 6:30 until 9 p.m. between May 15 and June 19. If you would like to learn more or register for the series, please contact Ann Sharp or Kiel Stone at 703-425-9300 or e-mail