Thanksgiving Q&A: McLean’s Maffei Helps Feed Homeless

Thanksgiving Q&A: McLean’s Maffei Helps Feed Homeless

Senior QB, soccer player enjoys mashed potatoes, gravy.

McLean senior Brian Maffei, with ball, played quarterback for the Highlanders in the fall and plays for the school’s boys’ soccer team in the spring.

McLean senior Brian Maffei, with ball, played quarterback for the Highlanders in the fall and plays for the school’s boys’ soccer team in the spring. Photo by Craig Sterbutzel.

Brian Maffei started at quarterback for the McLean football team this season and helped keep the Highlanders in the playoff hunt down the stretch.

While McLean fell short of a postseason berth, finishing 5-5, Maffei left his mark on the 2014 campaign. He set a single-game state record with 42 completions against Herndon on Oct. 2, passing for 415 yards, with four touchdown passes and two interceptions during a 51-35 loss at McLean High School.

Maffei, who also plays soccer at McLean, plans to attend the Naval Academy next year. He recently participated in a Q&A via email with The Connection, sharing some insight about his Thanksgiving plans.

*Q: What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Maffei: My brothers are coming home and we'll all go on a hike and watch a lot of football. We're also running a 5k together as a family.

*Q: Do you or your family have any annual Thanksgiving traditions?

Maffei: We always watch the parade and eat my mom's home-made cinnamon rolls. Afterward, we go on a hike. We also go as a family to feed the homeless in DC with a group called Sunday Suppers.

*Q: Does your family incorporate sports into Thanksgiving? If so, how?

Maffei: Well, we always watch a lot of football but we never really play. We've played Wiffle Ball games with some of our friends.

*Q: What is your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving?

Maffei: Definitely mashed potatoes and gravy.

*Q: The McLean football team narrowly missed the playoffs. What are your thoughts about how the season went?

Maffei: Obviously, I would have loved to go into the playoffs but I was extremely proud of everyone on the team. All the players came together and worked harder than I have ever seen in the program. We came together as a family and I'll cherish this season forever.

*Q: What is your favorite memory from playing football at McLean?

Maffei: It's hard to pick one memory from four years of such an amazing experience. But I would say my favorite moment was the homecoming game this year (24-21 victory over Fairfax). After such a crazy game it was so great being able to celebrate with all the boys.

*Q: What are your college plans? Are you planning to play football in college?

Maffei: I'm planning on going to the Naval Academy next year. I'm currently trying to play for the sprint football team there so we'll see how that goes. I would love doing that because they run a spread offense and I could fit in well.

*Q: Who is your favorite music artist? Why?

Maffei: Definitely Brad Paisley. I think he's such a down-to-Earth guy and he's really relatable.

*Q: What is your favorite movie? Why?

Maffei: “The Sandlot.” I love the 1950s feel and the Americana in that movie. I always wished I could play baseball under the fireworks.

*Q: What location is the farthest you have traveled from the Washington, D.C. area?

Maffei: I went to Jackson Hole, Wyo., when I was 8. It was pretty cool to be cut off from the urban lifestyle I was used to. We got to see all the western lands on the drive to Wyoming, which was neat.

*Q: Who are your favorite pro sports teams?

Maffei: I love all the Cleveland teams because that's where my family is from. The Browns are my favorite, though - just because I love football.

*Q: Who are your favorite pro athletes?

Maffei: King James. I can't describe how happy I was when LeBron came back to Cleveland.