Help at a Touch of a Button

Help at a Touch of a Button

Local residents say it will keep them safer.

A car accident changed Kenneth Kelley’s outlook on life, but not in the expected way. He was an entrepreneur who was working to bring a new product that he thought would be lifesaving to market. The accident convinced him that his product could save the lives of a larger population.

“I was at a stop and a 16-year-old kid crashed into my truck,” said Kelley. “He not only totaled my car, but he totaled his car and the car in front of me.” Kelley lives in Montgomery County.

Kelley is the CEO and founder of Silent Beacon Inc, and his accident convinced him that his product could save the lives. The Bluetooth-powered device, which is still in development, will provide immediate aid to those in need. Users will be able to instantly locate, track and communicate with loved ones who require emergency assistance via their smartphone.

“At first, I thought it would be for women and the elderly,” said Kelley. “But during the car accident, the screen on my smart phone shattered and I couldn’t call for help. I thought ‘this is exactly why I need the Silent Beacon. When you’re in a situation where you’re not able to use your cell phone, like if someone is trying to rob you, you’re not going to be able to use your cell phone.”

The Silent Beacon, a small device that resembles a key fob, works by allowing its user to call for help by simply pressing a button. It’s different than similar devices because it is a wearable, waterproof, Bluetooth device that connects to smartphones and allows for real-time GPS alerts that are delivered to loved ones and medical personnel. The Bluetooth technology that powers the solution is a combination of both Bluetooth 3.0 and low-energy (4.0), with an average battery life of six months, thus maximizing the energy usage.

The Silent Beacon is a smartphone accessory; however a tablet or home computer with Bluetooth capabilities will also work if the free app is installed.

“With over a year of work and a team of over 20 people, the Silent Beacon app has been fine tuned to assure your message is seamlessly delivered to its recipients,” said Kelley. “Our application allows users to see up-to-the second tracking of any of their loved ones who have pressed the button on the Silent Beacon. This is a sneak peak at the layout of the new Silent Beacon app.”

Allan Cohen of Potomac, who is familiar with the device, is very impressed: “It really provides a peace of mind to know that children or grandchildren or just a family friend has to ability to alert me when in need. It is something that is constantly being updated with new options, including a lot of medical abilities in the future. It will help protect people at a very, very low cost.”

Kelley’s goal is to help decrease the victim rate while increasing overall safety within communities. He says it will be useful to victims of an attack, those with life-threatening illnesses and “and teens, who are more likely to be involved in fatal collisions than other age groups.”

Jennifer Tahmasebi’s husband has multiple sclerosis and has fallen when alone. “We’re incredibly excited about the Silent Beacon because it is going to allow my husband to have mobility and freedom, as well as the ability to call and get help in a way that works best for him,” the Bethesda resident said. “It also gives me incredible peace of mind that he’ll be able to call me.”

Kelley hopes to have the product, which will sell for $59.99, on the market within six months. For more information or to preorder, visit