Bishop Ireton’s Sofield to Play Lacrosse at North Carolina

Bishop Ireton’s Sofield to Play Lacrosse at North Carolina

Q&A: Cardinal co-captain named 2014 WCAC Player of the Year.


Charlotte Sofield helped the Bishop Ireton girls’ lacrosse team win the WCAC title and state championship in 2014.

Charlotte Sofield was the best player on the area’s best high school girls’ lacrosse team in the spring of 2014.

Sofield led Bishop Ireton to the WCAC championship and the VISAA state title during her junior season. Playing for her father, Ireton head coach Rick Sofield, Charlotte Sofield finished with 48 goals and 67 assists, and received Under Armour Underclass All-American honors. She was also a first-team all-state selection, and was named WCAC Player of the Year.

Now a senior, Sofield is committed to the University of North Carolina and will try to help the Cardinals repeat as champions during her fourth year on the Ireton varsity. Sofield recently participated in a Q&A via email with the Gazette Packet.

*Gazette Packet: You're committed to the University of North Carolina, correct? What made UNC the right choice for you?

Sofield: While taking my recruiting visits, one of the coaches I met told me to look for my next home, somewhere if I didn’t have lacrosse; I’d still want to be. UNC just felt like home. The fact that the school is a top academic and lacrosse school made it the perfect fit.

*Gazette Packet: What is the best part of having your father as your head coach?

Sofield: He is always honest with me and I know he has my best interests at heart. And at the end of the day, no matter how well or poorly I played, I know he loves me.

*Gazette Packet: What is the most difficult part of having your father as your head coach?

Sofield: Everything he says sounds like “clean your room.” I know he’s coaching me, but it gets hard to separate coach from dad. Imagine living 24/7 with your coach … or your dad being at school every day.

*Gazette Packet: At what age did you start playing lacrosse? When did you realize playing college lacrosse was a possibility for you?

Sofield: I started playing organized lacrosse when I was 6. I always wanted to play, but it didn’t really seem realistic until about seventh or eighth grade.

*Gazette Packet: Now that you're a senior, how do you feel about your lacrosse game compared to when you were younger?

Sofield: It’s a lot more creative and free. When you’re younger, you are taught how to play and you conform to the style your coach wants. Now that I’ve had this much lacrosse experience with teammates I’ve had forever, and have had coaches who promote and encourage creative play, I like to try new things, spice things up, and just have fun with it. I think a lot of people lose sight of the fun during recruiting. Now that that pressure is gone, I focus more on the fun and freedom of lacrosse.

*Gazette Packet: The Bishop Ireton girls' lacrosse team won the WCAC championship and VISAA state title in 2014. How do you stay focused entering this year when you've already reached the top?

Sofield: My teammates are the hardest working girls I know. We’ve been in the weight room and working with our trainer since June. Once isn’t good enough, we’re not just a flash in the pan. We know that defending a title is hard, but we’re embracing that challenge.

*Gazette Packet: Do you play any other sports at Ireton?

Sofield: Varsity basketball.

*Gazette Packet: How much time do you spend working on your lacrosse skills in the offseason?

Sofield: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we’ll see you in the gym at 6:30. Yes, a.m.

*Gazette Packet: What is your favorite lacrosse moment from your first three years at Bishop Ireton?

Sofield: Standing by one of my longtime teammates (and co-captain), Kaitlin Luzik, during the last few seconds of the state title game against St. Stephen’s and just knowing that we won. After three years of working toward a goal, we finally accomplished it.

*Gazette Packet: What is your favorite food?

Sofield: Loaded baked potato.

*Gazette Packet: Who is your favorite music artist? Why?

Sofield: I don’t have one. I like a lot of different types of music.

*Gazette Packet: What is your favorite movie? Why?

Sofield: “Shrek.” I can quote that movie verbatim.

*Gazette Packet: What is your favorite hobby outside of lacrosse?

Sofield: I really like to bake.

*Gazette Packet: What location is the farthest you have traveled from the Washington, D.C. metro area?

Sofield: My parents like to travel, so we’ve been a lot of places, but I think Stockholm, Sweden is probably the farthest.

*Gazette Packet: Are you a pro sports fan? If so, who are your favorite teams?

Sofield: YES! I love watching pro sports. The Washington Capitals are by far my favorite.

*Gazette Packet: Do you have a favorite pro athlete(s)?

Sofield: Tom Wilson, No. 43 for the Caps.