Letter: Get To Know Bennett

Letter: Get To Know Bennett

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In just over six weeks, Candice Bennett has emerged as a strong contender for Mount Vernon District Supervisor. Candice brings a new perspective, including years of digital and social media experience, which she can leverage to bring together schools, non-profits and businesses to improve our community.

She has differentiated herself as someone who’s committed to supporting economic development in our district and has clearly articulated her positions on key issues that are critical to our district and our county. She supports the widening of Route 1 and the eventual expansion of the blue and yellow lines, because our district is going to continue to grow, and we don’t have the transportation we need for it. She also favors increasing development opportunities for affordable workforce and senior housing, so our residents don’t get priced out of our community.

For years, I have volunteered alongside Candice and seen first hand her commitment and passion for the Mount Vernon community. I encourage my fellow Mount Vernon voters to learn more about Candice Bennett.

Alyia Smith-Parker