Letter: Record of Leadership

Letter: Record of Leadership

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I have known Paul Krizek, who is running to be our next delegate, for years. His record of leadership in the community has always impressed me. As a lifetime Mount Vernon resident, he understands the pressing need for a new system of multi-modal transit on the Route 1 corridor and he worked closely with Scott Surovell to gather nearly 500 petition signatures and recruit 180 people to attend the Northern Virginia Transportation Association (NVTA) hearing on widening a section of Route 1 as part of that project.

Paul, the first citizen to speak at the hearing, urged the NVTA to raise Route 1 funding to high priority. Today the county announced that NVTA has agreed to put $1 million into widening Rt. 1, a step that will eventually lead to a Yellow Line extension to Hybla Valley and dedicated bus lanes from Huntington to Woodbridge. This $1 million is a small part of the total amount needed, but it gets us on the list of NVTA priority projects that will be funded over many years.

With such strategic and hard work and effective results, it is no wonder that Paul has been endorsed by Del. Scott Surovell, state Sen. Toddy Puller and state Sen. Adam Ebbin. I support Paul in the June 9 primary and encourage other 44th District residents of Mount Vernon and Lee to do the same.

I worked hard for Scott over the years and he worked hard for us. Paul is the best person I can think of to succeed him as our delegate.

Mary Paden