Letter: Impressed By Candidate

Letter: Impressed By Candidate

To the Editor:

As someone who has lived in the Mount Vernon area all of my life, I came home from UVA this summer with a keen interest in Scott Surovell’s State Senate campaign. When I initially applied to intern for Scott Surovell, I was actually unaware of who Paul Krizek was or that he was running for delegate of the 44th district. Likewise, I had no idea Mr. Surovell was endorsing him or that I would be working on Paul’s campaign. However, after just one conversation with Mr. Krizek about our experiences as UVA undergrads, I knew I was speaking with someone worth representing the 44th.

Paul speaks with the acumen of any long-time resident of Mount Vernon, the kind that only comes from experience. His knowledge of our local history and keen attention to issues in the area immediately indicates to me that Paul knows what it means to represent us. On top of his sagacity, Paul’s incredibly personable demeanor strikes me as something refreshing in the sphere of politics. Anyone who speaks with Paul can tell he is passionate and knowledgeable about the area, and that he will go to Richmond to fight for the district, and not just to feed his personal ambitions. I have been extremely fortunate to have met and gotten to know Paul Krizek as his intern, and I am fully confident he will be successful in bringing attention to our district.

Thomas Delaney