Alexandria: City Council Brief for 6/26

Alexandria: City Council Brief for 6/26

Pepper Celebrates 30 Years on Council

At the close of the 2014-2015 City Council session, members of the council watched a presentation and recalled where each was 30 years ago. For most, they were memories of playing sports as a young adult or living with their families, Councilman John Chapman was still celebrating a single-digit birthday. But for Council member Del Pepper, 1985 was memorable for an entirely different reason: it was the year she joined City Council.

In its June 23 meeting, the Alexandria City Council celebrated Pepper’s 30 years of service on the council, making her the longest-serving member in the city’s history.

“She’s been a mentor to me and others through the years,” said Mayor William Euille. “She is dedicated to her work. Her heart and soul is with this great, historic city.”

Pepper glanced back up at the pictures of herself through the years at various events hosted by the City Council.

“Well,” Pepper sighed, “I guess all the secrets are out.”