Column: Senior Services of Alexandria Introduce New Program for Seniors: ‘Groceries to Go’

Column: Senior Services of Alexandria Introduce New Program for Seniors: ‘Groceries to Go’

Senior Services of Alexandria has a new service for seniors as part of its Senior Nutrition Program called "Groceries to Go." This service is for seniors 60 and over who live in the City of Alexandria and have a difficult time grocery shopping on their own.

Groceries to Go, was started as a pilot program last fall, and our clients are thrilled with the service. To accomplish this new service, SSA found a wonderful partner in Steve Mason, general manager, and his staff at the Giant on Duke Street in Alexandria. One of our program participants states that, "with the passage of time, aging and temporary or permanent disabilities, grocery shopping ceases to be fun.” She goes on to say that “she was fortunate to find the ‘Groceries to Go’ program that delivers groceries to her door, rain, sleet or snow and now she doesn't have to worry about how to get the heavy kitty litter up the stairs."

SSA volunteers contact all program participants by telephone to confirm their shopping lists before the grocery delivery day. Volunteers then order clients’ groceries every other Tuesday. Shopping orders are processed onsite at the Giant on Duke Street are then delivered by SSA volunteers, every other Thursday. There is no delivery fee. Seniors must have a debit or credit card to participate in the service, and will be charged for the groceries purchased on their behalf after each shop.

On the day of delivery, volunteers pick up the shopping orders and deliver the groceries between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to their assigned seniors' kitchens, and if requested to do so, will put the groceries away, loosen lids, and help dispose of any out dated or expired food items.

One of our long-term volunteers states, “I really enjoy my bi-weekly visits with my new friend and look forward to catching up on all the latest news about her family and hearing her marvelous stories. Although it started out as an opportunity to ‘give back’ in a meaningful way, I’m quite sure that I get the better end of the deal.”

Senior Services is proud of this new service that compliments its mission to "foster independence, and self-sufficiency, enabling seniors within the city of Alexandria to age with dignity."

If you’re a senior and would like to try "Groceries to Go," or if you’re interested in volunteering call Senior Services of Alexandria at 703-836-4414, ext. 120 or email