Letter: Vision and Leadership

Letter: Vision and Leadership

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The Tuesday June 9th Election is very important to Alexandrians where historically the primary election decides who will be mayor. And historically, there is a lower turnout for primary elections.

With the new developments in the city, Alexandria has gotten younger and more diverse. It is the time for these new Alexandria citizens to vote and to make a difference.

There are three candidates for mayor. I am supporting Mayor Euille. Mayor Euille has vision and leadership. It is under his leadership that we have begun to change our city from an old-fashioned village to a new and exciting place to live, work, learn and play. With the many new jobs in Alexandria — especially in technology and knowledge based centers has resulted in more and more citizens living and working in Alexandria. Mayor Euille has listened to the neighbors, developers, and property owners to reach a compromise that work for our city.

There are other candidates running — but Mayor Euille’s style of inclusiveness and listening combined with vision and leadership, works for Alexandria where people want to get involved. Silverberg, in her first term on council, has become the voice of no. We see enough of that across the river and don’t need it here. Donley has served before, and his “man the torpedoes — full speed ahead” style does not provide the opportunity for Alexandria citizens to be heard.

This is an election of choice and I choose Mayor Euille to continue to serve our city.

Lynn Hampton