Letter: Helping Parisot Win

Letter: Helping Parisot Win

To the Editor

To the Editor:

The recent debate in Great Falls was another reminder that Craig Parisot is the most qualified candidate to represent Virginia’s 34th District in the House of Delegates. His background as a business leader in the community equips him to understand the needs of our economy here in Northern Virginia. Craig offered voters substance and a plan of action. He gave straight answers to challenging questions and showed that he has given a lot of thought to the job of Delegate and the interests of the voters. He understands the challenges we face and is clearly up for the task. That is because he is a practical business leader, not a politician. There simply was no comparison. Craig Parisot won the debate. It’s now up to us to help him win the election on

Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Nikhil Verma