Letter: Proven Leader

Letter: Proven Leader

To the Editor

To the Editor:

I have read with interest the accounts of the recent debates among the candidates for Dranesville Supervisor. Much of the challenger’s time has been spent on how her business experience prepares her for the job of supervisor. However, I can’t imagine that whatever her experience in the corporate was, would be better preparation than what John Foust has had as the successful Supervisor over the past eight years. His command of the fiscal and budgetary process at the county level make him a tremendous asset for keeping our government running efficiently. That is why he has the endorsements of teachers, firefighters, and the Northern Virginia BizPac, which represents the broad range of businesses in our community.

Foust even has the endorsement of the Chairman of the School Board, Pat Hynes and 10 members of the School Board. I personally feel comfortable that these endorsing organizations know what is best for Fairfax County.

I see no reason to take a risk on a novice when we have a proven leader in John Foust. Vote for the proven leader, John Foust.

Sue Boucher

Falls Church