Letter: Supervisor With Proven Competence

Letter: Supervisor With Proven Competence

To the Editor

To the Editor:

In the ongoing discussion in the race for the Dranesville Supervisor, the challenger to incumbent John Foust has dismissed Foust’s experience and record of accomplishments as irrelevant. This is just an attempt of diversion from her own total lack of community service. Companies hire employees with talent and relevant experience, especially for their executive positions and Dranesville voters should set the same standards in selecting their public officials — especially for those that impact our quality of life. Supervisor John Foust has the relevant experience and multiple accomplishments. He successfully served the citizens of Dranesville for almost 8 years. In this time he has worked with both Republicans and Democrats to help balance seven Fairfax County budgets. He found ways to cut wasteful spending while still delivering essential, cost effective services like public safety and education.

Among his many accomplishments, John was a leader in expanding full day kindergarten to the entire county, funding widening of Route 7 from Tysons to Reston to ease congestion, constructing numerous road and pedestrian improvements, completing several stream and stormwater improvement projects, delivering soundwalls and other capital projects to protect and enhance established neighborhoods, and improving and expanding park and recreational facilities, including 12 new synthetic turf fields in his district.

Clearly, Mr. Foust has the relevant experience, multiple accomplishments and is dedicated full-time to the Dranesville citizens. As companies hire the most experienced and talented professionals so should the voters. Supervisor John Foust deserves another term.

Nancy Hopkins