Letter: Sweet Memories

Letter: Sweet Memories

To the Editor:

Since 1962 the Fairfax Baskin Robbins has been a place of happiness and great delight as the go to location for families to enjoy a sweet treat or the spot where many began their first job. For 54 years the Baskin Robbins in Fairfax has served as this hub for families, ice cream lovers, and all those alike and different ultimately uniting the local community together through close bonds and a connection with a love for ice cream. The Fairfax Baskin Robbins has had numerous customers enter through it’s door, from first time customers to returning customers from all walks of life who have been coming for several years. It is extremely sad to say that unfortunately after 54 wonderful years of service the Fairfax Baskin Robbins is closing due to eminent domain.

As the current owner, I would first like to thank all those who have come to the store and helped make it the great place it is today. Additionally I would like to thank my staff and crew who have aided tremendously in making this business so amazing. I would like to specially thank the Stahle family who owned the Fairfax Baskin Robbins for 32 years prior to my ownership and my dear friend Jeff Stahle who has helped me through this journey and has constantly been there for me.Having owned this business for 15 years I have put a great deal of effort and work into this establishment and made a ton of great memories here at the Baskin Robbins in Fairfax. So it is with a heavy heart I announce that this store is closing after running marvelously for a multitude of years.

Syed Ahmed