Great Falls: Farmers Market Returns Saturday

Great Falls: Farmers Market Returns Saturday

Great Falls Farmers Market to celebrate 10th anniversary with “farmers market basket.”

The years have passed in quiet footsteps of vendors and local neighbors coming and going, loving and appreciating, doing finest work and choosing only the finest for our loving families’ nourishment and refinement.

The story of the farmers market began with participants in our local 2020 Vision focus group discussion, followed by inclusion in the 2020 Vision Survey: What do you want Great Falls to be like in the year 2020? (No, not an eye test!) Robb Watters launched the market the last Saturday in April, 2007 at St. Francis Episcopal on Georgetown Pike. That market began to lose its heartbeat when everyone left for summer vacation in early June. Mike Kearney, owner of The Old Brogue, rescued the market, bringing it to the parking lot on Walker Road and taking responsibility for the management. After three years, the parking lot owner became concerned about risk and the market was moved to the Village Green Day School down the road. The shortage of parking led to its contraction. After the fifth year, Mike looked for someone to take over the market. That’s when I accepted this responsibility for which I had no experience or background – just a willingness to give it a try and a hope to keep one aspect of our community vision – to have a vibrant village center where friends and family can meet and greet – alive.

Jorge Kfory, owner of the parking lot is to be commended for his community spirit and generosity in allowing the market to return to the parking lot next to the Wells Fargo Bank. He even configured the parking stops to achieve maximum safety for the farmers market visitors.

As we open the summer market for the 10th time, we think back on all of the vendors who have come and gone, and the messages they have conveyed about how we choose to eat and how important our health is – realizing “let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” We are pleased that several organic produce vendors are joining our market during the next few weeks, and we have fresh and fresh prepared foods that satisfy every dietary requirement, whether traditional, paleo, vegetarian, or vegan. We offer a rich bouquet of choices of the finest ingredients, expressing the most creative talents. Meats are grass-fed, free-range, organically supplemented; vegan burgers and fresh prepared are offered weekly; there are lots of healthy snacks to enjoy on the run.

This Saturday, we begin our 10th Anniversary all-summer-celebration with our famous “farmers market basket.” Get to know all our new and old vendors. Receive a free raffle ticket at each vendor you shop out. The winner receives a market basket full of a contribution from every vendor.

As soon as the summer harvest begins, look forward to a “taste of Great Falls” celebration of local cuisine – coming soon…just waiting for the summer veggies to arrive. Whether Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…all the important family celebrations…look to us for gift-giving and feast-making. We are here for you, rain or shine. Thank you, Great Falls neighbors and friends, for your enduring support. You are always welcome to drop by, greet your neighbors, listen to music. No need to purchase anything. Just enjoy our vibrant village center where friends and family meet.