From Old Town Boutique District: How to Consign Clothes

From Old Town Boutique District: How to Consign Clothes

Transitioning to Fall, here are tips on closet cleaning and what one should consign.

We’re all guilty – That pair of heels you had to have, that designer handbag that was too good of a deal to pass up, you only to wear it once, or maybe even never (gasp!). Maybe you have a closet full of threads you loved last season, but you’re feeling a little lackluster about them this go around? Sound familiar?

Consignment to the rescue! You can sell your gently used clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories right here in Old Town. Here are some tips on how and what to consign as you do your Fall closet cleaning.

What Are Consignment Stores Looking For?

Consignment stores are typically looking for items that are in fantastic shape, usually two years old or less (except classic designer handbags) and still in current style. The better your items look when you bring them in, the greater the chance a consignment store will take them and someone will want to buy them. This means they should be free from stains, rips, missing buttons, odors, and everything should be laundered or dry cleaned before your appointment. People who shop consignment are just like people who shop regular retail: they are looking for the current styles on the covers of People Style Watch and all the fashion blogs too.

Keep Season in Mind

Consignment stores are looking for items that people want to wear right now. Before your appointment, think about what you are currently wearing. Early Fall is perfect for lightweight transitional tops, sweaters and dresses, booties, flats and heels. Hold onto boots, heavier sweaters and jackets and coats until the weather actually starts to change. Avid consigners notice they will make much more money selling their items when they consign them at the right times of year.

Can’t Decide What To Get Rid Of?

I have a rule. Every season as I’m switching out my clothes, I look at each piece and ask myself a question, “Did you wear this at least once last season?” If I did not wear that item once last year, it’s out. If you didn’t wear it last year there is a reason and you probably won’t wear it this year either. There is one exception to this rule — sentimental value. Some things in our closets make us happy just looking at them; they don’t need to be worn. The dress I wore for my first interview and photo shoot for Mint Condition? The skirt I wore on my husband’s and my first date? Yep, still have them. These are things I will hold on to forever.

Make An Appointment Ahead Of Time.

Ask if what you have is in line with what the store sells. If it is not, ask for other store recommendations from the sales associate. Different stores cater to different clientele and there is a consignment store out there for almost everyone.

How Often Should You Do Pulls?

Do (at least) two closet pulls a year and consign at the right time. Do the Spring/Summer pull as winter clothes are being put away. Do the Fall/Winter pull when summer clothes are being put away. Next, separate items into each season for the consignment drop-off as well as have a donation drop-off category.

Once the consignment store decides on which items they will take, sit back, relax and enjoy watching your past-season’s closet earn you money for your next shopping spree.