Mount Vernon Letter: Christian Courage

Mount Vernon Letter: Christian Courage

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The Rev. Dr. Keary Kincannon thoughtfully addressed the issues of racial inequality and how race may affect law enforcement encounters in his commentary, “Still Much To Do on Race Relations” [Mount Vernon Gazette, July 14].

Anyone that takes offense with the “Black Lives Matter” message needs to closely read his opinion piece; that the Rev. Kincannon aligns his perspective so well with the teachings of Jesus Christ should give real pause, especially, to those who claim to be of that faith but don’t understand the long-festering reality behind “Black Lives Matter” or how to respond.

While I am not a Christian, as an occasional volunteer at the homeless shelter his church houses during the winter, I have seen the positive difference the Rev. Kincannon’s outreach ministry and selfless dedication have made for many of the least fortunate in this area.

Thank you, Rev. Kincannon, both for your courage to publicly speak truth as you see it about controversial issues many of us would rather ignore or deny any complicity in perpetuating, and for your many years of loving service to the neediest among us in the Mount Vernon community.

Ken Pilkenton

Tauxemont/Fort Hunt/Alexandria