Reston: Hunters Woods Neighborhood Coalition Sustaining a Welcoming Neighborhood

Reston: Hunters Woods Neighborhood Coalition Sustaining a Welcoming Neighborhood

The Hunters Woods Neighborhood Coalition (HWNC) is a group of businesses, organizations and residents in and around the Hunters Woods Village Center that has had numerous successes since its inception. It began in 2013 when neighbors decided to work together to enhance the appearance of the open spaces, address criminal activity within the Village Center, and to improve communications among all interested parties so that problems and opportunities could be identified and dealt with quickly.

The formation of HWNC has been the catalyst for the communication needed to strengthen one of Reston’s oldest Village Centers. Its goal is to work collaboratively to sustain a safe and welcoming neighborhood for people to live, work, worship, and enjoy visiting. Active members include Cornerstones, Southgate Community Center, Reston Community Center, Hunters Woods Fellowship House, EDENS Property Management, Christ The Servant Lutheran Church, Reston Citizens Association, Reston Association, Reston Regional Library, the Fairfax County Police, the Office of the Hunter Mill District Supervisor, and local residents.

The first challenge undertaken by the Coalition was to work with police and residents to deal with criminal activity. From the summer of 2013 to the summer of 2014, a significant 63 percent reduction in criminal activity occurred due to the work of the Coalition. That reduction is holding for several reasons: Cornerstones, Reston’s local human services nonprofit, partners with Christ the Servant Lutheran church to coordinate county services for those struggling with mental, physical or substance abuse issues. EDENS replaces and maintains landscaping, lighting and Plaza furnishings. EDENS also hired a security guard to walk the Village Center. The Coalition distributes flyers and speaks with residents and visitors on how to identify and report suspicious activity. There is an increased police presence in the neighborhood and the shopping center’s parking lot, and added patrols on nearby paths.

The HWNC has become a vital component of building a safe and welcoming community. All are invited to be part of the Coalition. Visit where you’ll find a list of members, meeting notices and minutes, and information about upcoming events. Click “like” to stay informed.

The Hunters Woods Neighborhood Coalition meets quarterly. Meeting times alternate between daytime and evening hours to accommodate the majority of schedules. The next meeting of the Coalition is on May 12 at 7-8:30 pm at the Southgate Community Center, 12125 Pinecrest Road, Reston.