Great Falls Letter: Standing with the Victims of Terrorism

Great Falls Letter: Standing with the Victims of Terrorism

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In a rare moment of broad bipartisan cooperation, Congress came together to pass the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. This bill allows victims of terrorist attacks and their families to sue foreign nations, if the foreign government played a role in an act of terrorism. Now families of September 11th victims will finally get their day in court as they will have the opportunity to sue Saudi Arabia and hold those who perpetrated the attacks accountable. This hits close to home for many of us in this area who lost loved ones and close personal friends or knew those who died on that tragic day.

As you can imagine, I was terribly disheartened to see that President Obama vetoed this bill. However, Republicans and Democrats in Congress once again united last week and voted overwhelmingly override the

President’s veto. I was pleased to see our Congresswoman, Barbara Comstock, stand with the victims of terrorism. From seeking justice for family members who have lost loved ones in terrorist attacks to working to prevent future attacks, by keeping GITMO detainees out of the U.S. and supporting defense spending at the necessary levels to keep our country safe, Barbara Comstock has made combating terrorism and our nation's security her top priority. She should be commended for her efforts and deserves a second term.

David Ho

Great Falls