Great Falls Letter: Taking Us for Granted

Great Falls Letter: Taking Us for Granted

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Now that Barbara Comstock has belatedly Dumped Trump it is time to move on to another important issue. In reading her most recent newsletter, I noted that Comstock did not seem to have an office in Fairfax County. Thinking that this must be typo, I checked her congressional website and confirmed that Comstock has congressional offices in Sterling and Winchester and on the Hill but nothing in Fairfax County. With all due respect to Loudon and Prince Williams counties, what is Fairfax County chopped liver? A cynic might say that Comstock is using taxpayer dollars to shore up support in counties more in tune with her Tea Party predilections. For those who might feel that this is a non-issue, I would contend that this is simply one of the more visible ways of telling that Comstock is not right for Fairfax County and is taking residents here for granted.

Arthur Kingdom III

Great Falls