Lorton Letter: Re-electing Comstock

Lorton Letter: Re-electing Comstock

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

LuAnn Bennett’s false attacks against Barbara Comstock are shameful. Instead of running a real race focused on the issues, she’s trying to tie our Congresswoman to votes that took place before Comstock was even in Congress. If the best Bennett has on Comstock are things other people said, then that probably says a lot more about Comstock’s record.

Comstock has been tirelessly focused on the 10th district since she was elected two years ago. She works hard, is always at community events, has a solid voting record and keeps us informed of it. Just as she should, she always responds to constituent requests timely.

It’s no surprise then that the only thing Bennett’s campaign is launching are false attacks against Comstock, attempting to tie her to every Democrat talking point. But those attacks tell me all I need to know. Bennett can’t take on Comstock because Barbara’s been exactly the kind of Congresswoman we need to re-elect in November.

Ross Snare, IV

Fairfax Station