McLean Letter: A Leader and a Doer

McLean Letter: A Leader and a Doer

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I know I am not alone in my frustration with Congress’ seeming inability to get things done. We have to do our part to make sure this paralysis doesn’t continue. I’ve lived in Northern Virginia for the last 40+ years, and I’m proud of the commitment so many of our leaders have had to working across the aisle. Look at Senators Kaine and Warner, and Representatives Connolly and Beyer. Many felt this way about Frank Wolf. But don’t be fooled -- Barbara Comstock comes from a very different place.

Comstock has been a tough partisan operative for much of her political life. I’m not saying a tough politician. Or a tough Republican. Both of those are OK. I’m saying a tough political operative who is an expert at developing “operational research” – ways to make your political opponents look bad. This is not a profession

built on respecting others or on finding common ground.

The voters in the 10th District have a chance to say enough. Voters can chose to put LuAnn Bennett in office – a woman who will respect the other side. LuAnn is not a political operative. She is a business woman who knows the innate value of respecting people with varying points of view and how to work with others. She has spent her life getting to yes, getting things done. This is how democracy works. And this is what we need now.

LuAnn built a business that has employed over 1000 people -- paying good and fair salaries and never filing for bankruptcy, I should add. This is a leader who knows the realities of raising a family of three sons as a widow, growing a successful construction business, and of serving her community. She is a leader and a doer, who is committed to creating good jobs and building an economy that works for everyone, to keeping our communities and our country safe and secure, and to investing in education to compete in a global economy. She believes

that these are objectives held by most of our citizens and that we can – and must – work together to bring them to fruition.

If you live in the 10th Congressional District and you want to see Congress start getting our nation back on track, working together to make common sense changes, then please consider pulling the lever for LuAnn on Nov. 8.

Julia Galdo

Falls Church