Letter: Reasons to Vote For LuAnn Bennett

Letter: Reasons to Vote For LuAnn Bennett

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Padraic Buckley’s letter asks “Why Comstock? ” (Connection, September 14-20, 2016). Yet the letter fails to make the case. There are many reasons to vote for Comstock’s opponent in the 10th District.

Reasons To Vote For LuAnn Bennett:

  1. LuAnn is not a politician. She’s a successful small-business owner who has helped create jobs and opportunity in our region.

  2. LuAnn is a fighter. She has faced challenges in life and overcome them. After her husband Rick’s sudden passing, she raised three boys as a single, working mom. She took over the family business in the middle of a recession and never missed a payroll.

  3. LuAnn is a pragmatic problem-solver. In business, and in her public service, she knows how to work together with people on all sides of an issue to make progress and deliver results. She can help get our Congress and our government working again.

  4. LuAnn shares the values of the 10th District. LuAnn is a pro-business, progressive Democrat who believes in equality and opportunity for all.

  5. LuAnn is a public servant. LuAnn has lived in Northern Virginia for 35 years, and has served on the Virginia Climate Change Commission and the Virginia Healthcare Foundation. She is also involved in numerous charitable and community organizations.

Comstock votes the party line 90 percent of the time. We need an independent voice in Congress not a rubber stamp for the alt-right agenda in the House.

J. Jay Volkert