McLean Letter: Leadership on Transportation

McLean Letter: Leadership on Transportation

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has been working tirelessly to focus on one of region's biggest priorities: transportation. Her five years of experience in the Virginia House of Delegates allowed her to hit the ground running on her first day in Congress. And since being elected to Congress, she has helped secure additional funding for our roads and infrastructure.

Congresswoman Comstock played an important role in passing the FAA bill that helps Dulles Airport and our region. She also worked across party lines to pass the FAST Act, which is the five-year surface transportation bill that increased and stabilized regional road and transit funding through 2020. This bill provided sorely needed funding to roads, bridges and infrastructure in our region. She is in a unique position as the only member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in this region and a member of the Science Committee, which helped her secure a seat on the transportation bill’s conference committee where she authored the amendment on university transportation research that will benefit our local universities.

Congresswoman Comstock has worked on various transportation options for Northern Virginia. Barbara was instrumental in placing language in the transportation bill that would make reducing highway congestion a

national priority. She has worked to ensure metro safety of both tracks and ridership. With the traffic congestion in our area, we need all modes of transportation options available to us to work efficiently.

Her leadership on this issue stands in stark contrast to that of her opponent's, LuAnn Bennett. Unlike her opponent, Barbara understands our region's challenges with transportation and has worked hard to solve them. She will continue to be an advocate for our priorities and deserves to be reelected this November.

Craig J. McCann, PhD