Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Comstock Has Not Delivered on Transportation Funding

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Comstock Has Not Delivered on Transportation Funding

It is time Northern Virginia gets its fair share of federal transportation funding. Decades of GOP representation has left us short on federal funding for Metro, I-66 and more. Our incumbent Barbara Comstock has now served two terms on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure but has not advanced a comprehensive infrastructure bill. Through their inaction, she and her party have worked against our transportation needs in Northern Virginia.

If we elect Jennifer Wexton to Congress, we will have a chance for major changes in transportation spending. Jennifer has focused on transportation solutions as a member of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, and has worked to bring resources to her district to relieve congestion, fix problems with Metro, and advocated for smart growth in Loudoun and Fairfax counties. She has introduced legislation to give localities more control over, and funding for transportation projects in their jurisdictions. She opposed tolls on I-66 and repeatedly carried legislation to reduce tolls on the Dulles Greenway.

Further, Jennifer is a strong advocate for rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. She supports full-scale investment in new green infrastructure that will create good paying jobs here in Virginia. She will work to update and expand our roads, bridges, public transit, airports, and rail lines. She believes Congress should also invest in infrastructure that will help build a clean energy future, expand the availability of high-speed broadband, and fix and modernize our electric grid and water system. If you want to see this happen, support Wexton for Congress

J. Jay Volkert, PhD