Letter: Comstock’s Record of Accomplishments

Letter: Comstock’s Record of Accomplishments

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Now that the campaign season has kicked off and both candidates in the 10th District have ads running on TV – it’s very helpful to compare the stark differences.

Barbara Comstock’s ad includes real accomplishments. Barbara has been part of the bipartisan majority that increased our national security and defense funding, passed important heroin legislation and human trafficking legislation that Barbara worked extensively on, and she’s fought for new legislation that passed the House and awaits a Senate vote to provide more funding for cures for chronic diseases. All this, and we can't forget her role in passing the 5 year transportation bill – as the only member in the regional delegation in the majority on the Transportation Committee – she had a seat at the table in the conference committee to get more resources for congestion relief and reforming Metro. She has also been a leader demanding accountability and transparency from Metro. These are all issues vital to Virginians and Virginia's economy.

The truth is the Democrat in the 10th District race hasn’t even lived in our District for most of the past decade. She notably leaves out her Arlington County years when she lived with her husband, former 8th District Rep. Jim Moran. And, it turns out she was recruited not by anyone in the 10th District – but by partisans in Washington, D.C. and the 8th District. She has failed to make any case for why she is running to represent an area to which she seems to have so little connection.

We need to keep Congresswoman Barbara Comstock who has been working hard

-- for and in Virginia -- working for us. She’s everywhere working

with her constituents and knows the priorities of our District and has

delivered. I know she will continue to work hard for us on the issues

that matter most to the 10th District.

Stephanie Marshall