Summer Challenges at Herndon Fortnightly Library

Summer Challenges at Herndon Fortnightly Library

Summer Reading Adventure, STEAM by Design, Lego Club and Family Game Night promise a great summer at library.

Seven-year-old Prisha Neelapala smiles for the camera while attending Lego Club, which gathered at Herndon Fortnightly Library on July 14.

Seven-year-old Prisha Neelapala smiles for the camera while attending Lego Club, which gathered at Herndon Fortnightly Library on July 14. Photo by Celia Causey/The Connection


Victoria Yatsenko assembles Legos during the Lego Club meeting held July 14 at Herndon Fortnightly.


A sign for Teen Maker Boxes stands in the entrance of Herndon Fortnightly Library.

“The Herndon Fortnightly Library has multiple educational programs throughout the summer with the goal of educating and engaging, as well as entertaining, our youth community,” writes Youth Services Manager Mary Fox.

“We have our annual Summer Reading Adventure program, one of our main activities and geared to engage and reward our youth for making reading a part of their summer activities,” Fox continues. The Summer Reading Adventure (June 23-Sept. 2) accepts a wide range of children, from Pre-K through Grade 12. According to a handout for the reading program: “Preschoolers through third graders read 15 books. Fourth through sixth graders read 10 books. Children can have books read to them…Students in grades 7-12 read five books.” Fox reveals that Herndon Fortnightly Library offers an additional reward: “Once the student or child has completed the log or they complete it online, then they would come back to us and we would give them their coupon booklet…but something that Herndon also does is we give them a free book.

“This summer we have an exciting series, STEAM by Design, which explores STEAM-themed topics for ages 8-14,” writes Fox. This program was most recently held on July 13 and it will next take place Aug. 3 and 16. “Other school-aged programs include the ever popular Lego Club and our Read to the Dog program, Dog Tales, where children read for 15 minutes to a real live therapy dog.” Members of Lego Club gathered most recently on July 14 at Herndon Fortnightly Library. The next time Lego Club meets will be Aug. 14, while the first time Dog Tales will be next available is July 22.

Something which might catch the eye of crafty teens (that is, teens who like to make things by hand) are Teen Maker Boxes. Inside each box are materials for a different activity, such as sewing and origami. Teens are free to explore the contents of the boxes and are welcome to keep their handiwork: “Whatever they create, they take with them and then we refill it.” One of the few limitations in regards to the boxes are their location, as Fox said: “They have to use it in the library.” Still, this is quite a small favor to ask in exchange for the opportunity to make use of materials that would ordinarily require a special trip to the store.

Herndon Fortnightly hasn’t forgotten to make sure that parents get their own fill of summer fun. Family Game Night promises to be a fun night out for busy parents who want to spend some quality time with their children and they don’t even have to bother making dinner. Fox explains, “We have food and drink and then we bring out…board games.” What better way to spend a summer evening? This program occurs July 27 and Aug. 17.

One important reminder: anyone intrigued by STEAM by Design, Lego Club, Family Game Night or Dog Tales should register two weeks ahead.

For those who plan to try the Teen Maker Boxes, or attend Dog Tales, Lego Club or Family Game Night, these activities will continue after the summer is over.