Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Respecting Differences

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Respecting Differences

The Danish Government recently proposed a ban on full-face veils worn by Muslim women. It is repulsive to see that such discussion has firmly taken root in yet another Western European country. When will these people understand that by forcing others to go against their beliefs only further creates agitation in society?

In light of these unfortunate trends, the love for my country deepens. I look around me and I see people who, despite their possibly colossal differences, respect each other and act positively towards each other. A Muslim woman wearing her spiritual clothing isn’t disrespectful, contrary to what the Danish Government believes, however, forcing these women to do the opposite is.

Despite having to hear this horrible news, never for one second should we give up our beliefs or force others to give up theirs.

This is the definition of what it should mean to be an American, and I hope that we can spread this message of freedom to other countries around the world by continuing to be a model ourselves.

Haris Qamar