Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Awards $400,000 to Students

Scholarship Fund of Alexandria Awards $400,000 to Students

T.C. Williams High School principal Peter Balas (center) with students Zachary Hunter (left), recipient of the Peter Balas Scholarship, and Abel Argaw (right), recipient of the Suzanne Maxey Scholarship. Maxey was principal of T.C. Williams from 2010 to 2015.

T.C. Williams High School principal Peter Balas (center) with students Zachary Hunter (left), recipient of the Peter Balas Scholarship, and Abel Argaw (right), recipient of the Suzanne Maxey Scholarship. Maxey was principal of T.C. Williams from 2010 to 2015.

The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria (SFA) has awarded $400,000 in scholarships to 152 Alexandria City Public Schools’ class of 2018 students who are the first-time recipients of an SFA scholarship to support their college education.

The individual donors and local business leaders who provided the funding for the scholarships awarded the scholarships on stage during the 32nd Annual Spring Benefit Gala. The scholarships will support students with financial need as they attend college.

John and Claudia Waller were honored during the ceremony for supporting students attending college by providing scholarships through the SFA for 30 years.

“This is my favorite night of the year, when all of our bright young students are celebrated for their academic achievements and the amazing futures that lie ahead of them. It is such a meaningful and poignant moment when I see our students say ‘thank you’ to all of you who support their scholarships and make college possible for our T.C. Williams students in need. These scholarships literally change lives forever,” said SFA Executive Director Beth Lovain.

Anya Faruki, recipient of the Loti Dunn Scholarship, received a $24,000 scholarship award over four years. She is planning to study Chinese and global education at the University of Virginia.

The SFA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing merit- and need-based scholarships and financial aid advising to Alexandria City Public School students. Since 1986, SFA has awarded $14 million in scholarships, making college dreams come true for 4,600 students.

2018 Scholarship Recipient highlights:

  • Anya Faruki – Recipient of the Loti Dunn Scholarship. Anya received a $24,000 scholarship award over four years. She is planning to study Chinese and global education at the University of Virginia.
  • Cindy Do – Recipient of the Alexandria Gazette Packet Scholarship. Cindy received a $12,000 scholarship award over four years. She plans to study at the University of Virginia to become a physicians’ assistant.
  • Zachary Hunter – Recipient of the Peter Balas Scholarship and Posse Scholarship. Zachary is planning to study economics at Lafayette College. Zachary is receiving a full-tuition scholarship to Lafayette.

All 2018 Scholarship Fund Scholarship recipients:

Mikayla Addison, Del Wilson ARTA Scholarship; Dena Ahmed, Mary Hatwood Futrell/Education Association of Alexandria Scholarship; Samia Ali, Helen Denny Memorial Scholarship; Adla Alsayid, Foundation of the Alexandria Bar Association/John Grad Scholarship; Angela Alvarez-Bennett, Del Ray Business Foundation Scholarship; Billy Ampofo, Amy McCracken T.C. Williams '87 Memorial Scholarship; Veronica Araujo Mejia , A. A. Beiro Family Foundation Scholarship; Michael Araya, Hon. Robert L. Calhoun Scholarship; Abel Argaw, Suzanne Maxey Scholarship; John Arnold, Jean B. Reid Memorial Scholarship; Sajelle Avery, Scholarship Fund of Alexandria General Fund Award; Billy Barrios, Galo S. Salvador-Vinueza T.C. Williams '04 Memorial Scholarship; Erki Barrios Barrios, Scholarship Fund of Alexandria General Fund Award; Kevin Baten, Marcia and David Speck Scholarship; Tania Sofia Batista, Former School Board Chairs Scholarship; Elizabeth Bernstein, Irving Lindsey Mathematics Trust Scholarship; Nikhita Bhanot, Staci C. L. Bradley Memorial Scholarship; Owen Biesada, Key Club Scholarship; Ekua Biney, Marcus Family Scholarship; Abigail Bischoff, Alexandria Gay and Lesbian Community Association Scholarship; Grace Breitenbec, Charles W. Murray Scholarship; Veronica Buabeng, Sarah Kiyak Scholarship; Camila Cardwell, Alexandria Crew Boosters Scholarship; Charlotte Carey, Marcia L. Egge Memorial Scholarship; Al Cofie, MGAC, Inc. Corporate Partner Scholarship; Tess Collard, Scots4Tots Community Service Scholarship; Katherine Conner, Marco Henriquez TCW '00 Memorial Scholarship; Tijea Cook, Class of 1989 Scholarship; Bryce Cook, Walter Scott Downs Memorial Masonic Scholarship; Rae'Shawn Crutchfield, COVANTA Environmental Scholarship; Maria Cruz Torres, Lynhaven/Rosa Byrd Scholarship; Katherine Cuellar-Moreno, Rosenfeld Memorial Scholarship; Tenbit Daniel, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community Scholarship; Betelhem Demissie, Jennifer Street Scholarship; Meron Derseh, Kitty Porterfield Scholarship; Neha Dewakar, T.C. Williams Lacrosse Boosters Scholarship; Brody Dickson, T.C. Williams Lacrosse Boosters Scholarship; Isabella Diz, Robert Eavenson Field Hockey Scholarship; Cindy Do, Alexandria Gazette Packet Corporate Partner Scholarship; Marialy Duncan, Dr. Teh-Chang Shih Memorial Scholarship; Reham Elsayed, Landmark Honda Scholarship; Samuel Enyiaku Buonyah, Larry Trice PTSA/SCA Scholarship; Isabelle Escobar, Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Association Scholarship; Katherine Euceda, Bradlee Merchants Association Scholarship; Jay Falk, T.C. Williams Swim & Dive Boosters Scholarship; Anya Faruki, Loti Dunn Scholarship; Samrawit Feye, KBR Foundation, Inc. Corporate Partner Scholarship; Caroline Fox, North Ridge Citizens' Association Scholarship; Dejah Foxx, BMW Scholarship; Vanessa Frimpong, Bob and Diana Sanders Scholarship; Katheryn Garcia Ortez, Larry Trice PTSA/SCA Scholarship; Lloyd Gillett, Dr. Charles H. Jackson Memorial Scholarship; Annabel Gleason, Genevieve Park Brown/Garden Club of Alexandria Scholarship; Emma Goeas, Del Ray Artisans/Ted Eichers Memorial Art Scholarship; Lila Greiner, Laura S. Lynam T.C. Williams '05 Memorial Scholarship; Chelsea Guevara, Alexandria Council of PTA Scholarship; Madeline Gyllenhoff, Alexandria Jaycees Community Service Scholarship; Betelihem Hadgu, Signal Vine Corporate Scholarship; Melat Haileselassie, Ruby Tucker Memorial Scholarship; Sidrah Hamid, Dr. John Liebermann Jr. Scholarship; Kelvin Harris, Class of 1989 Scholarship; Yasmin Heiba, Class of 1989 Scholarship; Grant Holmes, John C. Chester, Jr. Latin Scholarship; Jonah Horowitz, Stephen J. Kenealy Scholarship; Zachary Hunter, Peter Balas Scholarship; Fara Islam, 1971 Titans Scholarship; Maryam Islam, Scholarship Fund of Alexandria General Fund Award; Melani Jackson, A Gift from the Heart Scholarship; Bradley Jackson, Linwood Armstrong Scholarship; Marcel Janowsky, Maginniss+del Ninno Architects, Scholarship; Kyle Johnson, T.C. Williams Swim & Dive Boosters Scholarship; Hawanatu Tee Kamara, Larry Trice PTSA/SCA Scholarship; Nayeem Khalil, James Bennin Scholarship Fund; Zachary Khan, Dr. Manu V. and Shashi Patel Physics Scholarship; Abdul Khan, JBG Companies Corporate Partner Scholarship; Dakota Kindred, Aly Khan Johnson/Cross Country, Track and Field Scholarship; Rachel Knapp, Whitestone & Franklin Scholarship; Matthew LaGanza, Alexandria Lacrosse Club Scholarship; Meredith Lemke, Michael S. Dixon Memorial Scholarship; Kai Linehan, Inova Alexandria Hospital Healthcare Career Scholarship; Sara Lopez Garcia, Fannon Scholarship; Jessica Lopez-Martinez, Larry Trice PTSA/SCA Scholarship; Hero Magnus, Jennifer B. Modlin TCW '74 Memorial Scholarship; Michelle Marfo, Lou Cook Scholarship; Oumou Marke, Departmental Progressive Club, Inc. Scholarship; Aira Matin, Nancy Howard Scholarship for the Humanities; Lane McCaslin, 21st Century Scholarship; John Medina, Alexandria Lacrosse Club Scholarship; Nicolaas Medina, Taylor Run Citizens' Association Scholarship; Catherine Mellette, Hunting Creek Garden Club Scholarship; Sumaya Mohamed, Jack Esformes Scholarship; Mohammed Mohammed, Historic Alexandria Foundation Scholarship; Lillian Morton, Stephen S. Rosenfeld Memorial Scholarship; Yossma Nasir, Dr. Beverly Vick Scholarship; Justin Nickelsburg, Simpson Development Co., Inc. Scholarship; Jordan O'Rea, Scholarship Fund of Alexandria General Fund Award; Marion Oduro, Dr. Robert W. Peebles Memorial Scholarship; Melanie Oliva, Del Ray Citizens Association Scholarship; Daylin Orellana Cabrera, Carron Family Scholarship; Augustina Osei, Southern Towers Corporate Partner Scholarship; Amira Osmand, Alexandria Business Connection Scholarship; Saul Osorio, CommonWealth One FCU Academy of Finance Scholarship; Karinna Papke, Kenneth A. Barnett Memorial Girls Athletic Scholarship; Hope Parsons, Dee Campbell Scholarship; Victoria Peace, Class of 1965/Irving Lindsey Memorial Scholarship; Melanie Perez, Class of 1967 Clash Scholarship; Isabella Ponzi, Brian and Michael Vaughan Memorial Scholarship; Zoe Price, CommonWealth One FCU T.C. Williams Scholarship; Stefanos Psaltis-Ivanis, John Steve Carbonell Catilo Memorial Scholarship; Brielle Quarles, 21st Century Scholarship; Nicholas Quidas, Susan Yowell Scholarship; Roxana Ramirez Aguirre, Robert S. Rixse Memorial Nursing Scholarship; Michelle Rivas-Campos, Timothy Schuyler Elliott Memorial Scholarship; Maya Rose, Sheriff Jim and Nancy Dunning Memorial Scholarship; Toraj Rozbeh, Dr. Jacqueline Gorski Scholarship; Mosed Saroor, Gila S. Harris Scholarship; Rawyh Saroor, Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School Scholarship; Rachel Sedehi, Heather Rosner Scholarship; Mackena Settles , Michael D. Waller T.C. Williams '86 Memorial Scholarship; Kailina Silas, Dr. Morton Sherman Scholarship; Aaron Simms, John Howard Memorial Scholarship; Wogan Snyder, Floyd James Thompson Memorial Scholarship; Jacob Souza, Staci C. L. Bradley Memorial Scholarship; John Sprinkle, Michael D. Waller T.C. Williams '86 Memorial Scholarship; Paige St. John , Barbara McBane Harper T.C. Williams '86 Memorial Scholarship; Christopher Stoll, Caudron, Megary, & Blackburn Wealth Management Scholarship; Daniela Tejedor, Irving and Shirley Rubenstein Memorial Scholarship; Tsedal Teshome, Henry Knox Field Masonic Lodge Scholarship; Leah Tibebu, M. Loretta Kuhn Scholarship; Emilia Toledo, New Target, Inc. Internet Corporate Partner Scholarship; Jordan Toussaint, Selene C. Carter Memorial Scholarship; Kevin Turcios, Kenny Moll Memorial Scholarship; Kathleen Ucles-Ayala, Lucretia Jackson Scholarship; Grace Vannatta, Class of 1983/Patrick Welsh Scholarship; Heily Veizaga, Landmark Honda Scholarship; Carlos Villarroel Cordova, James William ''Bill'' Gunter Memorial Scholarship; Margo Wagner, Phillip & Anne & Lisa Wheeler Trust Scholarship; Madeline Waldhoff, Stephen S. Rosenfeld Memorial Scholarship; Daniel Walsh, Louis Kokonis Scholarship; Kadyn Washington, Jean A. Beiro Memorial Scholarship; Robert Williams, John C. Albohm Memorial Trust Scholarship; Anne Williams, Roy E. Smith Memorial Scholarship; Samuel Wingfield, Kenneth A. Barnett Memorial Baseball Scholarship; Merrin Winkel, Gwen C. Mullen Scholarship; Charles Wixson, Aly Khan Johnson/Cross Country, Track and Field Scholarship; Jasmeen Yussuf, Senator Patsy Ticer Memorial Scholarship; Mareo Zaatra, Scholarship Fund of Alexandria General Fund Award; Diana Zelaya Macoto, Jack Taylor's Alexandria Toyota, Inc. Corporate Scholarship; Qing Zhang, Class of 1989 Scholarship; amd Alex Zhu, T.C. Williams Band Boosters Scholarship.