Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Examine Costs

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Examine Costs

Now that Amazon has decided to split its second headquarters between locations in Long Island City and Crystal City, with 25,000 jobs each, it is therefore a good time to review the bidding. Any proffers made to lure Amazon to these respective areas need to be revised and drastically downsized, since there will be no large headquarters presence (just two smaller entities) and less financial gain for each area.

Since Alexandria is part of the Crystal City bid due to the Potomac Yards parcel, it is not known what offers Alexandria has made in conjunction with the Crystal City package, but their “very competitive option” needs to be reviewed. Moreover, it is now clear to me why the Potomac Yards Metro is being pushed, and why the northernmost gate (close to Crystal City) was selected when the project needed to be reduced due to cost considerations. However, it seems like the good citizens of Alexandria are paying for something that also benefits Arlington and Amazon — why are we alone stuck with this bill for the Metro? It reminds me of a father of the bride who is expected to just show up at the wedding and to write a check, no questions asked. Time to put on the green eyeshades, Alexandria, and get to work on revising this offer.

Townsend A. Van Fleet