Take a Stand: Addressing Domestic Violence in Arlington

Take a Stand: Addressing Domestic Violence in Arlington

To discuss domestic violence and how to support community members, Project PEACE is hosting Kate Ranta, a local domestic and gun violence survivor, and community leaders Theo Stamos, Commonwealth’s Attorney for Arlington County and City of Falls Church, and Christa Carlton, Director of Domestic and Sexual Violence Programs at Doorways for Women and Families, for a community conversation about sex, violence and the Arlington community.

The event, “Taking a Stand: Addressing Domestic Violence in Arlington,” is Thursday, Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m., at the Walter Reed Community Center, 16th Street S., Arlington.

Ranta is the mother of two boys, a marketing professional and a survivor of domestic and gun violence. She and her father survived two bullets each when her ex-husband shot them; the couple’s young son witnessed the shooting. She has been an activist for nearly six years and has appeared in documentary films and on national media.

Stamos, who was elected Commonwealth’s Attorney in November 2011 and took office January 2012, said: “My office has always held the belief that victims must be championed and offenders must be held accountable. However, domestic violence occurs every day in Arlington County that never touches the criminal justice system. All of us need to take a stand against all forms of domestic violence, wherever it occurs. We must continue to strive to be a community where neighbors can rely on one another for support and to make Arlington County a safer place for everyone.”

Arlington County Project PEACE is a coordinated community response dedicated to advancing an array of education, prevention, protection, and support services to end domestic and sexual violence in the community.

This event includes descriptions of violence and may not be appropriate for young children.