Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Dishonest Attacks

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Dishonest Attacks

As a voter in the 10th District, I am saddened and disappointed that Barbara Comstock has resorted to mounting a smear campaign against Jennifer Wexton. Many voters in the 10th District are being subject to a targeted Google ad that links to a website put up by her campaign that features exaggerations and distortions about Wexton's political positions. Many of these same assertions can be found in the anti-Wexton literature she distributes. But the sleaziest tactic takes the form of phony political polls. People claiming to be pollsters are calling voters and asking if they would agree to participate in a poll. The pretend pollsters then ask a series of questions about attitudes towards Comstock and Wexton that are extremely slanted and obviously intended to foster a positive view of Comstock and spread distorions about Wexton. My wife and two people I know have received such calls.

After two terms in Congress, Barbara Comstock should campaign honestly on the strength of her record. For example, she should explain why her 98 percent pro-Trump voting record is in her constituents’ best interest. Or she should tout her fealty to the NRA and proudly point out that she is a top recipient of campaign donations from the NRA. Or she should draw attention to the fact that she, along with the rest of the GOP, has done nothing to make healthcare more affordable and more available. I don’t realistically expect her to do any of these things. What I do expect is more innuendo, insinuations, and attacks on Jennifer Wexton.

Richard Markeloff