Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Chaos Reigns

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Chaos Reigns

The more I look at the city's Vision Zero web page with all the sanctimonious pledges by all the city officials, the more disgusting the city's concessions to "scooters run amok" seems to be.

While scooters are not mentioned as a means of conveyance in the city's 2017 Vision Zero plan, that's not to say they don't fit within the "multimodal" description of transportation in this plan. The city's vision zero program has been overwhelmed by a disruptive actor (scooters) and someone will shortly die because this "test phase" runs unchecked.

In my opinion, the Vision Zero plan is a way to spend money on alternative transportation modes and socially engineer residents out of their cars. The commitment to safety is certainly an important by-product. But, this feel good program and virtue signaling by all the city officials who "took the vision zero pledge" is proven to be an empty commitment every time a helmet-less scooter rider runs another stop sign, brushes another pedestrian on the sidewalks, or clogs another crosswalk or intersection day or night. And, motorized bikes are soon to appear at Capital BikeShare stations to make matters worse.

Who is in charge of our streets? City Hall has clearly abandoned their responsibilities and the police are unable to enforce the chaos that reigns.

Bob Wood