Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Taking Exception

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Taking Exception

A recent letter written by a political opponent of Delegate Tim Hugo seemed to mischaracterize Delegate Hugo’s service and responsiveness to his constituency, specifically as it relates to the Popes Head Road and Fairfax County Parkway interchange project.

After my 2 ½ years of service on behalf of the community, our coalition has collectively sought to ensure this project remains in the public’s interest. I can attest that Delegate Hugo has been engaged every step of the way. We have found him to be fair, methodical in his analysis, and effective representing and supporting our concerns.

Our coalition of community leaders has not been political in nature and our desire has always been to simply ensure the safety and convenience of our neighbors affected everyday by a very dangerous and inefficient intersection. Delegate Hugo has consistently listened to the initial complaints of poor design solutions and stopped them early in their tracks.

Additionally, he responded to our complaints and had VDOT replace poor quality asphalt during the repaving of Popes Head Road, and helped designate Popes Head Road as a Virginia Byway in order to protect its rural charm and from ever becoming a four-lane road. Recently, he even had VDOT fix a persistent drainage problem after our complaints fell on deaf ears at VDOT.

Now after giving the county and VDOT engineers time to redesign solutions at Popes Head Road and Fairfax County Parkway, Delegate Hugo opposes the most recent and “county favored” design as not meeting community needs. As he sits on several State level transportation committees, we know he will continue to support community interests over political ambitions. Now let’s all work toward getting the same level of support and cooperation at the Fairfax County Supervisors level, because they are the lead agency on the Popes Head Road/Fairfax County Parkway Interchange project.

Rod Bradshaw