Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Scouts, Integrated

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Scouts, Integrated

The article of “New Girls on the Block” (Connection, Feb. 27, 2019) sparked my interest – as a former member of a local troop of the Girl Scouts, I never thought that girls would be included in the Boy Scouts. Since adding the ability for girls to join, they renamed themselves Scouts BSA.

The integration of girls into Scouts BSA is seeming to go smoothly in Herndon. Since this is a national action to add the girl into the Scouts BSA, I wonder if areas that are more hesitant of the idea of adding girls to the program are having as much success integrating. This inclusivity is beneficial to the girls in other areas who want to participate, giving girls the ability to define themselves. Girls are now able to attain the highest level of Scouts BSA, Eagle, which was not available to them before this recent change in 2018.

My last consideration with the addition to girls being able to join is what will happen to the Girl Scouts? Does this take probable candidates for the Girls Scouts and direct them to the Scouts BSA instead? Also, what happens if a boy wants to join the Girl Scouts?

Some thoughts and considerations on how this change will affect all Scouts in the future.

Morgan Hoskins