Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Rethink DASH Plan

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Rethink DASH Plan

A 5-mile DASH route with just one stop while WMATA will be closing all Metro rail stations south of National Airport for three and a half months starting May 25.

The good news: DASH will be providing bus shuttles every five minutes during the morning and evening rush hours to carry passengers to and from the airport.

The bad news: There will be just one bus stop (King and Washington streets) along the 5.5-mile Blue Line Shuttle route between the airport and the (closed) King Street Metro Station.

There are plenty of DASH bus stops for its other bus routes along Washington Street and the GW Parkway, but under DASH’s current plans the Blue Line Shuttle will blow right past them.

DASH passengers will become painfully aware of this lack of “service” later this month unless DASH rethinks its plans.

Peter Ognibene