Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Misrepresenting Plans for Boundary Changes

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Misrepresenting Plans for Boundary Changes

Superintendent Dr. Brabrand of Fairfax County Public Schools issued a surprise message last week in response to growing outcry in the county about his and the School Board’s efforts to redraw boundaries and implement forced busing. His message was positioned as an effort to clarify “misinformation”. The problem is he failed to mention the central role of the radical One Fairfax policy in his plan to upend school pyramids.

Why did Dr. Brabrand fail to mention One Fairfax when he has consistently praised and promoted the radical policy in the past? One Fairfax has become toxic in the community as citizens learn more about the extreme and unnecessary disruption it requires. Citizens don’t want our school pyramids and neighborhoods carved up, ripped apart and reassembled to achieve Dr. Brabranad and the Board’s ideal socieoeconomic and/or racial composition of students.

The need to reconsider school boundaries is understandable since Fairfax county has experienced rapid growth and change over the years. We all know overcrowding is a serious concern and boundary adjustments should be part of the discussion. However, Dr. Brabrand and the Board’s push to implement a social engineering experiment at the behest of outside special interests doesn’t benefit taxpayers, homeowners or our children.

A change in leadership is desperately needed on the School Board to ensure accountability and to protect our most valuable assets.

Jeff Norris