This Week in Coronavirus in Alexandria

This Week in Coronavirus in Alexandria

Ongoing synopsis of pandemic news.

Local Coronavirus Cases. Sources: Virginia Department of Health Maryland: Maryland Department of Health Alexandria Source: City of Alexandria

Local Coronavirus Cases. Sources: Virginia Department of Health Maryland: Maryland Department of Health Alexandria Source: City of Alexandria Graphics by Laurence Foong, compiled by Ken Moore

Tuesday, April 14

Alexandria COVID-19 Cases: 248 (4 fatalities)

Virginia Cases: 6171

On April 14, the Alexandria Health Department confirmed seven additional cases of COVID-19 and two additional fatalities in Alexandria, bringing the total number of cases to 248 (including four fatalities).

Alexandria Health Department is contacting all people with confirmed cases of COVID-19 and providing them guidance to give to their close contacts (people who came within 6 feet of them for more than 10 minutes). Alexandria Health Department is also calling close contacts of confirmed cases in high risk settings (e.g. nursing homes, assisted living facilities, healthcare centers). All close contacts are asked to self-quarantine and actively monitor for fever and respiratory symptoms. If they start experiencing symptoms, they are advised to seek medical care if their symptoms are severe or if they are healthcare workers or first responders.

Monday, April 13

Alexandria Cases: 241

Virginia Cases: 5,747

Another Alexandria person who had tested positive for coronavirus died. “To respect the privacy of individuals and their families, the Alexandria health department will not disclose additional details about cases or fatalities unless there is a public health need to do so,” according to the City of Alexandria.

Virtual Virginia, the Virginia Department of Education’s existing online learning system, will be expanded to allow every teacher in the Commonwealth to host virtual classes while schools are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, said Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. Resources include a platform that enables all Virginia public school teachers to share lessons and activities with their students through June 30.

Sunday, April 12

Alexandria Cases: 225

Virginia Cases: 5,274

Saturday, April 11

Alexandria Cases: 200

Virginia Cases: 5,077

Friday, April 10

Alexandria Cases: 181

Virginia Cases: 4,509

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Vaccine Research Center seeks volunteers for research on potential vaccines against COVID-19. Eligible participants will receive one or more vaccinations and examinations, and be asked to monitor for physical reactions. Vaccinations administered as part of research studies may or may not be effective against COVID-19. Visit the NIH’s page on how to volunteer for vaccine research studies.

Thursday, April 9

Alexandria Cases: 170

Virginia Cases: 4,042

The City of Alexandria and the Alexandria Health Department strongly urge everyone to follow state orders to stay home except for essential trips such as food purchases and medical care, and keep six feet apart from others when in public.

Wednesday, April 8

Alexandria Cases: 149

Virginia Cases: 3,645

The City’s website lists Alexandria grocery stores that have provided information about separate shopping hours for customers at higher risk for COVID-19 infection complications. All residents should continue practicing physical distancing while in public and avoid unnecessary trips. See

Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Authority will allow establishments with mixed beverage licenses, such as restaurants and distilleries, to sell mixed beverages through takeout or delivery. Northam also authorized the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority to defer annual fees for licenses and permits that would be up for renewal through June. “Allowing restaurants and distilleries that remain open to sell mixed beverages with takeout or delivery orders will help them augment their revenue streams, so they can continue serving their customers and employing Virginians. These actions will give establishments with mixed beverage licenses greater flexibility to operate while their dining rooms are closed,” Northam said.

On March 20, Virginia ABC adjusted licensing regulations to permit the sale of wine, beer or cocktails in sealed containers for curbside pickup, and delivery of those products to customers’ homes without needing a delivery permit.

Tuesday, April 7

Alexandria Cases: 141

Virginia Cases: 3,333

Virginia Department of Health launched a Weekly COVID-19 Activity Report, a dashboard at showing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in Virginia. The site provides data on the number of confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19. The dashboard also includes regional data on emergency room visits; aggregate data by age, sex and race; and the overall status of the pandemic in Virginia. Data on age, sex and race is collected by individual healthcare providers as they see patients. Risk of COVID-19 infection is primarily based on individual exposure to the COVID-19 virus, not an individual's demographics.

Alexandria City Manager Mark Jinks announced revisions to his proposed Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 operating and capital budgets for the City of Alexandria, responding to the nearly $100 million budget gap created by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The revised proposal for a $753.3 million operating budget in FY 2021 is 5.8% lower than the $799.9 million operating budget Jinks proposed on Feb. 18, and represents a 1.6% decrease from the current-year operating budget. On April 18, the City Council will hold a public hearing on the budget and effective real estate tax rate. City Council will then hold work sessions on April 21 and April 27. For details about how to view these meetings or participate in the public hearing, check the listing at a few days before each event.

Monday, April 6

Alexandria Cases: 130

Virginia Cases: 2878

The Alexandria Health Department reported the first death of an Alexandria resident who previously tested positive for the coronavirus. The resident, who had been hospitalized, died from respiratory complications from COVID-19.

Friday, April 3

Alexandria Cases: 77

Virginia Cases:2012

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released guidance encouraging everyone to wear cloth face covernings when it is difficult to maintain physical distance in public.

Monday, March 30

Alexandria Cases: 36

Virginia Cases:1020

Governor Ralph Northam issued a Stay at Home Order requiring all Virginians to stay home, with a few exceptions. Individuals are allowed to travel for essential services only, which includes going to the grocery store, picking up medication, caring for sick family members, and picking up items from restaurants and other essential retailers. The order remains in place until June 10, 2020. Northam requires all higher education to stop all in-person classes and instruction, and closes all Virginia beaches except for fishing and exercise.